47 Easy and Profitable Fundraising Ideas For Schools

This way, they’ll simultaneously gather more donations and promote the race, increasing sign-ups. A fundraising classic, Christmas auctions can raise money for your nonprofit organization, if done well. Many people are willing to pay a bit more for an item they want if it’s for a good cause. To make karaoke even more fun, make it so that when a certain amount of donations is collected, a particular person or group will need to sing. For example, students will love the chance to get their principal or favorite teachers to sing on stage. Let people pay an entry fee to take part and help you raise more money.
If school fundraiser companies ’ve ever considered fundraising with a pizza card, now is the best time to start your fundraiser and encourage your supporters to enjoy their favorite cheesy meal. Middle school students are indeed going through lots of changes. As younger students, they were excited about winning prizes in exchange for selling items.
Think of an incentivizing prize and award it to the best spruced-up space. A gift card to Target or another store with a selection of home décor items would work well for this fundraising idea. Sell tickets to your event and raise more funds with this unique fundraising idea. Universities and Colleges can create ample opportunities to raise funds.
We recommend seeking matching gifts because they’re vastly underutilized and yet have plenty of untapped potential. Think of how much better of your fundraising would be if even 1/10 of the donations to your school were doubled. That would make a huge difference in your year-end numbers and boost the results of all your other school fundraising ideas. A large portion of your customer base will be university students. That’s why our university fundraisers offer products relevant to that market. Have you been thinking, “What are the best catholic school fundraising ideas?
Even better, invite the winning class to a group lunch, such as a pizza party. For this reason, selling school spirit wear and merchandise is one of the most effective fundraisers. They not only pair well with many of the fundraisers we’ve listed, but sales can go around-the-clock using an online store.
Field trips, picnics, field day treats, fun activities and so much more. You can also combine the pumpkin carving contest with face painting, photo booths, board games, and petting zoos. Many people love going on day trips this time of the year to enjoy the scenery.
There are several online vendors who can take your order for school supplies, apparel, flags and other products. In addition to planting season, spring is also a time to clean up after the winter season or spruce up a neglected area. This school fundraising idea gives back to the community by cleaning up an area in your community that needs a little TLC. Make sure the area is safe and secure and obtain a permit, if necessary. Students can make ornaments, wreaths or other decorations, cards and even holiday baked goods to sell to their friends, families and the community.
Few things build hype, boost event ticket sales, and increase donations like a raffle. Not only are they easy to set up, but you may be able to get your raffle ticket prizes donated from local businesses and save serious cash. Raffles can also have multiple prizes and raffle winners, encouraging a wider audience to participate. In the past years, we’ve learned to adapt to the virtual world to connect.
People have over 150 items to choose priced from $6.00 to $28.00. Choosing Yankee Candle Fundraising gives your supporters a product that they recognize, and you get to keep 40% of the profit, no material costs invested. Organize a 5k, 10k, or marathon run to fundraise this Thanksgiving. Design a campaign and incorporate crowdfunding and peer-to-peer fundraising methods into it. They’ll simultaneously gather more donations and promote the race, increasing sign-ups.
Place the tickets inside the balloons and sell them to your students for a dollar each. You can hold your event in your school’s gymnasium or even partner up with a local restaurant for the night. If the business is interested in donating, suggest a portion of the proceeds from the events’ attendee purchases go to your school. Promote your event in advance and charge an entry fee for participants. The giant sundae fundraiser is a simple event where you turn your principal (or administrator) into a sundae! This silly fundraiser lets students work together to achieve a hilarious outcome and raise money.