30 Quick Tips for Improved Telescope Viewing

Living in a light polluted urban area does not mean you can’t observe the deep sky. However keep in mind that only a handful can be seen and details of them will be far less impressive. If Looking for the best telescope under 200 – Look no further! Take a look at the best telescopes under £200 right here! enjoy observing the planets in the night sky, then you’ll definitely want to check out these tips …
Because the rings are so thin, Saturn may look as if it has no rings at all! After that, we’ll begin to see the south side of Saturn’s rings, which will gradually increase to a maximum inclination of 27 degrees by May 2032. It’s currently in the southeastern sky not far from the horizon after sunset. The Levenhuk Strike 90 Plus, a 90mm refractor telescope, is classic in its design, but it comes with a mount and tripod that in our tests produced more shakiness than our budget pick. We also had trouble getting the included counterweight to control the telescope’s position effectively.
There are a few key questions you need to ask yourself before you head out, and a few accessories that we recommend you gather together that will help elevate your enjoyment and success. Red Dot Finders normally attach to a telescope by means of an elevated bracket. This added height makes it easier for the user to look through the finder. Don’t forget to check our ‘Telescopes’ section to choose the right one for you. Astronomers call this process ‘dark adaptation’, and it takes about half an hour. In 2022, the angle is down to 14 degrees but still very easy to see the expanse of the rings as we look at the planet’s northern hemisphere.
The latter arise from more sophisticated technology and are color enhanced. With a good hobbyist telescope, you’ll see the special features that distinguish the planets. The rings of Saturn and the bands of Jupiter are visible, for example, with a backyard telescope. I have a go to celestron that does not work and that has been disappointing and now own an 8 inch dobsonian Apertura. I get disappointed at my inability to see things as closely as I thought I would. I am retired and learning astronomy has been such a desire for years.
Or for info on Jupiter, read my article How To Find Jupiter With a Telescope. It is easiest to find Saturn when it is in opposition, which means that it is directly opposite the Sun in the sky. Opposition occurs every year in late April/early May and late July/early August. They allow us to see things that are too far away for our eyesight, and they also help us to see things that are very faint. In Greek mythology, Saturn is known as Cronus, the father of Zeus.
They can also run your dew heater straps, heated dew shield, or other DC powered accessories. You will be amazed at how quickly seeing conditions change, and what effect they have on observations! The sky may be perfectly clear, but seeing can be so bad that Jupiter or Saturn might look like they are under water, and even low magnification views are not in focus. The next night (or the next hour!) those same planets will look perfectly focused in your highest magnification eyepiece, and all because the seeing conditions improved. A red dot finder displays a wide field, zero magnification view of the sky.
To the amateur astronomer with binoculars or a telescope, Neptune is no problem to find. At opposition, it displays a small blue disk that shines at about magnitude 7.7. Many of my observing friends write out their observations either in a logbook or directly onto a star chart, a method that allows for sketches as well. I speak into my recorder at the telescope and transcribe the observations later, usually the next day.